about self - november 2017

One of the challenging aspects of self-portraiture can be tackling the technicalities of it all: how and where to place yourself in the frame, composing and taking the shot. A lot of my own instant film work has been reliant on having long legs and big toes to press the shutter release cable out of shot. These elements are heightened when using instant film because you need to use up some film to see what you've got and what to change - if anything. This is also part of the fun and opens you up to embracing serendipity and even mistakes. There's nothing that says you even need to be in a self-portrait to call it a self-portrait. Sharing a part of yourself, a memory or a story doesn't mean that you need to be visible in the image to do that, just the conductor.

For this open call I asked for images that explore the vulnerable and challenging elements of self-portraiture, and the pool of images I received showed such a myriad of beautifully honest and creative work. I discovered some new artists to follow and admire, as well as familiar faces who have always been inspiring to me. It was really difficult to make selections! I was struck by the variation in techniques and styles, moreover the different perspectives and stories these artists were sharing in their work. And it resonated as a reminder to me that self-portraiture can still surprise and delight, as well as move me.

I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to be involved with this group exhibition and I hope that you all enjoy the selection of images I've chosen, as much as I do.  



Elegia is a Scottish self-taught photographer currently based in Manchester, England who works with analogue processes and mixed media. Instant film being the first medium which truly allowed her to be creative, and gave her the courage to branch out into teaching herself how to use other film formats. She has just six years of experience in photography with her self-portraiture being the most well known. She uses her images as a therapeutic method of exploring her experience of living with OCD, bipolar disorder and body dysmorphia. Her work has been published internationally in  LOV Issue #2: Portraits, Hylas Magazine Volume 1: Loss, and She Shoots Film Issue 1: Self-Portrait.Presently, she is working on a book, and a new self-portrait series which documents the unique eye that dyspraxia lends to her imagery.

Connect with Dee Elegia on Instagram and on her website!


We are excited to announce that our 4th online group exhibition, Pola-Nudes will be curated by Herr Merzi! The deadline for submission is 11/15/17. Visit next month's group exhibition page for all of the details!