PRYME News: A New Era of PRYME

PRYME Editions was founded in May of 2014 in the backyard of my parents house. It was the simple idea that instant film artists were underrepresented in the photographic community and needed a specific place to showcase their work. Over the last four years this goal has been achieved and I have showcased over 200+ artists in print and online formats. I am honored to say that in pursuing this goal I have sold close to 1000 copies of the various PRYME print products we have produced including PRYME Magazine, special edition books, and the 2017 Annual Journal.

As PRYME has grown as an independent publisher the instant film community itself has grown as an even better foundation for the artists we serve. Individuals such as Penny Felts from the 12:12 Project, Andrés Aguilar Caro from Polaroid of the Day, and the ExPolaroid team have given instant film artists amazing venues to showcase their work. My point being is that I have not done this alone at PRYME, it has been through the community as a whole that my publication has been able to succeed.

On that note, I am pleased to announce that Anne Silver will be taking over PRYME Editions in January of 2018. Over the last year she has been a tremendous asset to PRYME and without her, 2017 would not have happened in the way it did. She will carry the torch that I have lit within the instant film community and ensure that it remains on fire for the foreseeable future. Please join me in welcoming her as the new owner of PRYME Editions.

As for me, I am looking forward to being able to enjoy instant photography from an artist’s point of view without the use of the technology I have been utilizing to further PRYME’s goals. I will still be here to offer you inspiration, motivation, and advice when asked for it. For now, I want to inspire and motivate myself, and for once, take my own advice of disconnecting from the internet and social media to focus on my own personal growth.

Though I will be absent for sometime, or maybe forever, from the majority of social media, you can always find me in your heart screaming "Go For It!". I encourage you to start the series you have been putting off, to launch the book or 'zine you have been dreaming about, and, most importantly, focus on doing this for yourself. Don't get caught up in the numbers game of Instagram likes, website hits, and copies sold. Do all of this for you. The rest will follow as others see your dedication and passion.

As a part of my sabbatical from the digital world, I would love to continue to talk to each and everyone of my friends I have had the pleasure of meeting through this venture. Please email me at if you would like my mailing address. It would be a great thrill to correspond to you via the old fashion way. If you hate letter writing please email me anyways, I would be glad to hear from you regardless. You can also keep up with my personal work at, as I don't plan to stop shooting instant film any time soon!

To all my fellow Polaoirders: Shoot Slow, Develop Fast, and Stay Instant.

Your Instant Film Obsessed Friend,

Michael Behlen


Lastly, I want to extend a warm thank you to the following individuals in no particular order:

Bastian Kalous: You believed in PRYME from the first time I emailed you in 2014. Your images were a major part of PRYME Magazine Issue 1 and without your contribution and kindness, PRYME would not be where we are today.

Michael Kirchoff: You are one of the kindest and most supportive individuals I have ever met. I have no words to express my gratitude to you for how much inspiration you have given me to keep PRYME moving over the years.

Amanda Mason: Thank you for everything you have done with me at PRYME. You are a wonderful person and your photography has inspired thousands of others to keep shooting and explore their imagination.

Bill Moore: You literally saved PRYME from my terrible grammar and punctuation the first years we were alive. I have enjoyed our conversations since the day you emailed me, "You need some help don't you?". You were right and you have always been an asset. Thank you for your friendship.

Nate Matos: After our break from PRYME Magazine and transition to PRYME Editions you jumped on the chance to sell a limited edition version of your Serif and Silver Compendium. Your enthusiasm and help during our exhibition in August of 2016 was tremendous and selfless. It was a pleasure meeting you in person.

Cromwell Schubarth: What can I say about Crom that everyone doesn't know? He is an instant film addict through and through and it is a highly contagious disease that he happily spreads through the interwebs. Your passion for the medium is unparalleled and it has rubbed off on me throughout the years. Cheers to you my friend.

Rudi Amedeus: Thank you for your support over the years and for your friendship. You are a scholar and a gentlemen.

Matt Smith: I just really like Matt Smith. He is a genuine man with genuine interest in his fellow Polaroiders that is almost humanitarian in nature. Thank you Matt for your friendship.

Alleha Navarro: Most of you don't know Alleha because she does not shoot instant photography. She has been the person I can message, email, call, and think with over the course of these last four years. She has heard 100's of terrible ideas and a couple of good ones. Thank you for your support, wisdom, and knowing when to tell me I am wrong. 

Amy Heaton: Thank you for all of your support, referrals, and help you have given me over the years through The Impossible Project and Polaroid Originals. I know you will continue to be an asset to Anne Silver as 2018 begins to take shape.

I would also like to thank the following people for allowing me to put your work into print and into the hands of instant film lovers across the world:

Susanne Klostermann, Marco Spaggiari, Lisa Toboz, Joann Edmonds, William Miller, Ina Echtemach, Laura Su Bischoff, Thomas Zamolo, Alexandra Smith, Paul Greevs, Flo Ouen, Chrystal Nause, Nicole Gelinas, Lucrezia Senserini, Paul Bauman, Eva Flaskas, Maureen Bond, Kerry Bellinger, Polaroid SF, Maija Karisma, Mikael Bidard, Toby Hancock, Jordan Kendall, Carmen De Vos, Peter McCabe, Emily Soto, Marisa Redburn, Marian Rainer-Harbach, Luigi Vigliotti, Daniel Klaas, Oliver Blohm, Philippe Bourgoin, Penny Felts, Troy Bradford, Mikael Kennedy, Anne Locquen, Melissa Bernazzani, Lukas Brinkmann, Patrick Winfield, Diane Fenster, Alice Adrenochrome, Maurizio Galimberti, Ben Innocent, Marco Spaggiari, Alex Bouchon, Tom Hofmann, Claude Peschel Dutombe, Douglas E. Pope, Nicholas Abriola, Chloe Aftel, Heather Polley, Caleb Jenkins, Francesco Romoli, Anna Marcell, Anna Malina, Oskar Smolokowski, Dan Rubin, Herr Merzi, Brian Henry, Daniel Stein, Walter Sans, Megan Thompson, Clay Lipsky, Matther O'Brien, Polly Chandler, Dan Isaac Wallin, and Francesco Sambati. 


Michael Behlen is a photography enthusiast from Fresno, CA. He works in finance and spends his free time shooting instant film and seeing live music, usually a combination of the two. He was the founder of PRYME Editions. Connect with Michael Behlen on his Website and on Instagram!

Photographer: Oleksandr Tymkanych's Series Fantasyland


Oleksandr Tymkanych is a 24 year old Ukrainian artist who lives and works in the Czech Republic. Oleksandr showed interest in the medium of photography from a quite young age and thus decided to study at the Secondary School of Applied Arts. When he later on went to University he discovered the Polaroid! He was fascinated by this new photographic expression after attending a workshop in Slovakia. He was captured forever! He has experimented with SX70, Spectra, SLR 680 and is currently working with- the starting to become obsolete- Fuji FP-100C film.

“Instant film immediately fascinated me. The magic of instant photography is today a very special feeling for me with a unique work of a material that has specific qualities; slight blurring, not too distinctive colors, and unmistakable qualities of a chemical process that cannot replace anything else. Even though someone may consider these qualities as a particular mistake or disadvantage when working. I try to use them for my own benefit; a seemingly separate process that does not interfere with it and influence it in any way. This is a very wide area for me to experiment with the instant material in the way of lighting itself, influencing the exposure and in various ways of developing photographs.”

His main interest is to work with expired material and be prone to surprises they can offer. He is always trying to find new ways to work with these materials and push the limits of the production to new intriguing ways in order to obtain extraordinary results.

Oleksandr’s series entitled Fantasyland is about a land of imagination, hope and dreams. Times, boundaries, are unknown in this imaginary world and the artist invites us to discover the unique inhabitants of unknown origins and location. Fantasyland is a series of constructed landscapes exhibiting great colour alternation and creating a playful atmosphere between objects and shadows.

The series is created with a Polaroid SX-70 camera and film; made up of 20 images presenting, in this imaginary land of no time or boundaries, a series of imaginary creatures creations of the artist’s imagination. “I use instant film to create emotive abstract still life. The result is two combined series of constructed landscapes and imaginary animals. The series, called Fantasyland, was created within the framework of a university project entitled "Animals". The process of the creation of these images was quite complicated. In order to create individual still life first I had to make backgrounds. I used mostly simple materials which I had around me – paper or cloth and then I started creating special surroundings for each image. I constructed it with natural materials like flowers, wooden pieces, stones etc. The last step was to create creatures that could exist in this surrounding and inhabit it. To create these creations, I most often used different types of wires, latex, and gips. Then they were shaped by hand like small statues. Lighting on these images is the most important thing. I used a variety of light sources, from colour filters, small hand lights, led lights and etc... I decided to use instant film because I want to express that everyone should develop their imagination. With this series I let mine run wild. Each of these photographs should draw the audience into their environment and devour them into the world of imagination. I knew that these properties offer me only a Polaroid SX-70 because it has ISO 125 and I can experiment with longer exposure time.”

Most of Oleksandr’s current projects, whether it is a school project or his own free project, he tries to work with classical materials. Oleksandr is inspired by his everyday experiences, feelings and surroundings, for instance movies and music. He dreams of travelling abroad after his studies.

Even though quiet young, Oleksandr has been published in the book Eighteenth Harvested, a book produced by the department of Advertising Photography at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic in April of 2016. He has participated in the exhibitions at Polagraph Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic as apart of their Material exhibition in July of 2016 and at Slovakia HalmiSpace as a part of their Polaroid exhibition in September 2016. He also been featured online at and

Nowadays, he is focusing on his bachelor work, which will be dedicated to instant photography. But, of course he still works on new smaller projects with instant material such as FujiFilm FP-100C and Polaroid SPECTRA. “I have a great interest on expired films; I hope to present some of these projects in the future. And who knows maybe someday I will be able to use instant film for advertising work!”

You can connect Oleksandr on Instagram! 


Lina Manousogiannaki is a visual artist based in Brussels, Belgium. She is a passionate Instant photographer and an editor of the Urbanautica online visual platform. Connect with Lina Manousogiannaki on her website and Instagram!