PRYME Editions: The 2017 Annual Journal Kickstarter Announcement!

Cover Art by Matt Smith

Cover Art by Matt Smith

PRYME Editions has launched our debut Annual Photography Journal dedicated to instant film on Kickstarter! This project is being launched on the belief that photographs, especially instant ones, should be seen in print as well as on screen. It will be the first annual journal of its kind and will feature 170+ pages of the magical medium of Instant Photography.

We are proud to to share with you that we already have an all-star line up from the instant photography world that includes: Brian Henry, an experimental art photographer and explorer of urban decay; Daniel Stein, the first instant film astrophotographer; Walter Sans, famous for his 2010 Netherlands Pink Ribbon campaign shot on expired Polaroid chocolate film; Matt Smith, an internationally known surf culture documentary photographer; Herr Merzi, an artistic explorer of nude portraiture shot on expired film; and Bastian Kalous, the current king of the instant film world, among many others.

This project, titled the PRYME Editions: The 2017 Annual Journalwill launch as a Kickstarter campaign on June 20th, 2017 with the goal of raising $6,500.00 USD to print 200+ high quality copies of this publication. We will offer four different backer levels for this campaign that include:



Kickstarter Campaign Reward Levels

  • Collector: $30.00 + Shipping - Limited to 200 Backers
    Pre-order your copy of PRYME Editions: The 2017 Annual Journal, sent to you anywhere in the world!
  • Patron: $60.00 + Shipping - Limited to 50 Backers
    Become a Patron of the PRYME Editions: The 2017 Annual Journal and ensure your name (and website) or that of your company (and website) will be printed in the back of our upcoming first Annual Journal! You will also receive a limited-edition, hand-numbered copy of the PRYME Editions: The 2017 Annual Journal, sent to you anywhere in the world!
  • Sponsor: $200.00 + Shipping - Limited to 5 Backers
    PRYME Editions invites companies and enthusiasts who believe in the the medium of instant film to advertise their product, exhibition, or project with a full page ad in our first-ever annual journal! You will also receive a limited-edition, hand-numbered copy of the PRYME Editions: The 2017 Annual Journal, sent to you anywhere in the world!
  • True Believer: $400.00 + Shipping - Limited to 5 Backers
    PRYME Editions invites retail stores who believe in the the medium of instant film the opportunity to secure 10 copies of the PRYME Editions: The 2017 Annual Journal alongside a full page advertisement.

We are sharing this information with you today because we need your support! We would be honored if you would take the time to share the news about our Kickstarter campaign featuring our 2017 Annual Journal on your website, blog, or social media profile! It would help us meet our goal, fund this project, and secure this project's future as an annual journal for the grass roots instant film community!

Though our submissions for this project are still open won't end until 07/15/17, we are proud to announce that we will have the privilege of sharing the following artists' work with you in our upcoming 2017 Annual Journal! If you haven't submitted your work for this monumental project yet you can find all the details on our submission page!

PRYME News: Writter Announcement - Introducing Anne Silver!

We are proud to announce Anne Silver as the newest addition to the PRYME Editions family! She will be taking on the role of Editor and Staff writer and will bring solid skills to the team and will be a key player as we produce more books and projects! With this announcement we want our readers to get to know Anne and also take the chance to acknowledge her fantastic work as an instant film photographer.

Anne Silver is an American photographer and writer living in Paris, France. Before concentrating on her art full-time, she worked as a psychotherapist for 16 years. One of her areas of specialty was dream analysis, and her fascination with the dream world, with its symbols and archetypes continues to inspire and influence her art. You can see her past professional life's influences take hold in her instant film work in her recent self portraiture series, Ophelia’s Dream.

Silver's self-portraits present an anonymous female character and her surroundings, capturing flickers of other realities: memories, dreams, and moments of reverie. Her photography is driven by ideas and images that come sneaking down the halls of her imagination, that come whispering to her in the middle of the night when she awakens with a bizarre sense of urgency, that descend upon her like a sudden rain shower when we smell some familiar but long-forgotten perfume in the hallway. It is this sense of other-worldliness that Silver tries to evoke in her photos.

Photography has provided Silver a way of freezing time, capturing those impressions and feelings and creating something that endures, even after the moment fades. The poet Mary Oliver, in her collection of poems entitled Blue Horses, tell us that “Maybe the desire to make something beautiful is the piece of God that is inside each of us.”  Perhaps she is right. Silver's series speaks to a fundamental longing or emotion we all share. You rarely see her face, and instead see only her body language  which enables the viewer to project their own interpretations into the scenes, allowing them to respond on an almost instinctive level. 

Silver has always made art in one form or another, and this has been an integral part of the process of healing from the losses she has faced in her life and a way to create beauty in a sometimes difficult and not-so-pretty world.  She has a long history with photography, which began in the 1990’s. Silver has done 35mm analog photography and digital photography, but her true passion is instant photography. She discovered fine art instant photography relatively recently, in 2016. The work of Sara Robinson came to her attention, and Silver was smitten. She began researching different photographers, and soon stumbled onto PRYME Editions, onto this very blog, where she read literally every article. She discovered the work of Amanda Mason and fell head over heels in love again. She discovered the work of Penny Felts and 12.12 Project.   

Silver is now a member of the renowned 12.12 Project and has has her work featured as apart of this inspirational group in the Impossible Project Magazine and is starting to gain recognition in her own right. Her photographs have recently been highlighted by several on-line platforms, including Hylas Magazine, Polaroiders Italia, and The Polavoid. She has exhibited work as apart of Expolaroid 2016 in Nantes, Franch and at Cedarhust Center for the Arts in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. She has several future projects lined up and is looking forward to the forthcoming articles about her work in other on-line and print magazines and a future contribution to a group exhibition being planned for later this year. 

Connect with Anne Silver personally on her Website and Instagram!