Photographer: Celeste Ortiz's Polaroid Self-Portriats

Celeste Ortiz is a fine art photographer working on the subject of self-portraiture. Her work is slightly sensual and inciting to the viewer. The warm tones and abstract composition draw you into each picture of the series. Ortiz describes her work, "I use my own body and space, my room, to create images that escape from being [what I] planned through the unexpected and even, the mistakes that I obtain working with film photography. I like to find certain beauty on this.".

She has been featured and interviewed in a large number of blogs, fanzines, online and printed magazines from all around the world. Celeste has participated on group exhibitions in Los Andes and Valparaíso (Chile), London (UK), Washington DC and New Jersey (USA) Tijuana (Mexico) and Rumania. Also, she had a solo exhibition on Valparaiso this year as part of the art residency “Casa Nekoe”, in which she was invited to participate.

Celeste studied digital photography at ARCOS Institute in Santiago and currently lives in her hometown, San Antonio. Connect with her on her website and Facebook!