PRYME News: Editor Announcement Introducing Bill Moore!

With pride we want to announce Bill Moore as the newest edition to the PRYME family. He will be taking on the role of Editor and Staff writer. He will bring solid skills to the team and will be a key player as we quickly grow. We congratulate him and you can look forward to hearing a lot more from him very soon.

A New Yorker, Bill settled in North Carolina to teach American literature and writing. He was a Greensboro music journalist, writing freelance previews and reviews for newspapers and entertainment magazines and co-authoring the music history book AMPEG: The Story behind the Sound, which took book-of-the-year honors from “Vintage Guitar” magazine.  He discovered his great admiration for modern arts - from painting and sculpture to collage and photography - while attending Columbia University and roaming New York museums and galleries.  He makes retro photos, along with modern digital work, mainly using Polaroid and other films.  Some of his SX-70 pictures were shown, after Polaroid announced discontinuing the film, in Baltimore’s “600 Film” retrospective. Moore’s photos are being shown in two Greensboro galleries in the Fall of 2014.  He is organizing a completely instant film show - with work from Penny Felts, himself, and others - for next August.  Some of his work can be seen here: