Photographer: SORIN VIDIS's Series: DALI's COUCH

Sorin Visi's series dives into the expressiveness of the mouth and the integrated body language that comes with it in the absence of the eyes, so called windows of the soul. He shared with us his thoughts about his project, "I think that while the eyes being an extension of the brain are biased by the same perversion of the human mind, the trio of lips, teeth and tongue are more sincere expressing basic needs through sheer instinct driven gestures. It's a call for the return of innocence in a world dominated by duplicity." 

"The inner language of the mouth is often giving us away and severely contravenes with the words we speak. In the same time, flirting signals are often given through the same mechanism where psychologist associate moist and mildly parted lips of a woman with a showing tongue tip with ..., yes you are right ! so obvious. The list could go on but I will leave the viewers dwell on more body language tips and tricks if they find it interesting." Connect with Sorin on Flickr and Facebook!