Roid Week Spring 2015: Our Top 20 Favorites!

Roid Week started this year on April 20th and lasted until April 24th. In that short time frame 542 group members submitted a total of 2,336 instant photographs! We watched the action unfold and have chosen 20 of our absolute favorites! There are still thousands of amazing instant photographs to go see. So go visit the flickr pool! We will see you again during the next Roid Week session which starts October 12th, 2015!

A Short description from Roid Week's Group Pool:

"We started POLAROID WEEK in 2006 to celebrate instant film. We also started it as a project -- to see what new and interesting things we could do with instant film; and to challenge ourselves to produce some really great work."

Go check out SnapItSeeIt's Roid Week Coverage: Here

"And Then I Faced The Wide Land" by Bastian Kalous

"Reverie" by Amanda Mason

"Top of the World" by Lucile Le Doze

"Lines" by Tanja Deuß

"Untitled" by Kat White

"Roid Week 15" by Mark Kinrade

"Untitled" by Lukas Brinkman

"Freddy vs Jason" by Blake Herman

"Evergreen" by Ugly Monday

"Untitled" by Amalia Chimera

"Hammarby-15" by Carmen De Vos

"Roncalli" by Georg Uhlemann

"Nothing But Trees" by Ina Echternach

"Untitled" by Matt Chalky Smith

"The Top-Top View. Squamish, BC, Canada" by Mikael Bidard

"Beneath All Waters" by Andy Jenkins

"Bollenroids" by Paul Lindeboom

"April" by Brian Henry

"Tiembla la Noche" by Mik aka Underthewaves

"Sunset Light" by Nattlesnakeee