Issue Inspiration: Ben Innocent's Polaroid "When the Lightning Leaves Ringing in My Ears"

This is the fourth edition of our new blog series titled "Issue Inspiration". Our aim is to give instant film artists and readers examples and motivation for our current call-for-artwork. For Issue #5, our focus is on artists utilizing Impossible Project instant film. Today's inspiration comes from Ben Innocent! Remember that the deadline to submit work for Issue #5 is July 15th, 2015. Visit our submissions page for more details! 

"When the Lightning Leaves Ringing in My Ears" - Ben Innocent

Ben Innocent used SX-70 Impossible Film in his Polaroid SX-70 land camera to create this once in a lifetime photograph: "When the Lightning Leaves Ringing in My Ears". Innocent left the shutter open for 25" to capture this beautiful lightning bolt over Boise, Idaho.

Ben Innocent used to live near Brighton, England; now he lives in Boise, Idaho, USA. His geographical transition over the last two years has been accompanied by an artistic paradigm shift that led him to his American wife and his present location. Innocent loves exploring the world. He explains that he can “often be found in some remote area of America with my wife, an SX70, and some trail mix... poised on a high up place.” Working in the airline industry on the ground currently, Innocent hopes to gain momentum and expo-sure for his vision. So far his images have been published in a variety of ‘zines and books, and his work has been shown in New York, Vancouver, Vienna, Boise, and Oxford, England.

To see more of Innocent’s work visit his Flickr at