Event: DREAMS - New work by the 12:12 Project at Blend Studio

Amanda Mason

Amanda Mason

Blend Studio will be hosting an exhibition of new work created by 12:12 Project during the month of June. The organizer and photographer, Penny Felts, will be available on the opening night of the exhibition.

Opening Reception: Blend Studio
79 Arcade, Nashville, Tennessee 37219
First Saturday Art Crawl: June 6th ,2015
6:00pm - 9:00pm.

The 12:12 Project began in 2013 as an idea by photographer Penny Felts, who was concerned her own work had become stagnate and predictable. Seeking challenge and a new way of approaching her work, Felts contacted several women whose instant photography she admired and together they created the plan for the 12:12 project. 

Each month, over the course of a year, a different member of the group, 12 women in all, choose a theme. Themes were designed to be challenging, intended to push the photographers outside their traditional comfort zones. At the end of each month, photographers submitted their best image for the monthly theme. In the end, the project contained 144 instant film photos that were shown in several galleries around the world.

The following year, Felts decided to expand the concept to include men. Again, she reached out to instant film photographers whose work she admired and respected. She wasn’t sure how males would respond to what had initially been an all-female project, but the response was overwhelmingly positive. Both the males and the females followed the same protocol for the second year of the project, each working on the themes for their respective groups.
For this show Felts asked all members of the groups, past and present to shoot for one theme: “DREAM(S)”.

You can connect with Penny and the 12:12 project by visiting their Facebook Page.

Lukas Brinkman

The photographers are:
· Penny Felts - USA
· Agaschinka Schmunst - Germany
· Alberto Polo Iañez - Spain
· Amanda Mason - Australia
· Anna Marcell - USA
· Bastian Julia - Germany
· Carmen De Vos - Belgium
· Chris de Block – Belgium
· Emilie Trouillet - France
· Emilie Lefellic - France
· Francisco Ricardo Gerardo Chavira -   Mexico
· Gabriele Cappello - Italy
· Katherine White - Australia
· Kathy Rankin - Canada
· Lukas Brinkmann- Austria
· Maritza de la Vega – USA
· Marion Lanciaux - France
· Miky Arsenjev - Czech Republic
· Owen Patrick - England
· Peter J. McCabe - Ireland
· Philippe Bourgoin - France
 · Rachael Baez - Australia
 · Raul Diaz - France
· Rhiannon Adam - England
· Sarah Seené - France
· Susumu Kohda - Japan
· Thomas Zamolo - Sweden