Artist Rachael Baez, Chaser of Light

Written by Anne Silver.


"Where you find Truth
Is where you find your reflection
And where you find your reflection
Is where you find love
And where you find love
Is where you find light...."

— Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun:  The Writings of Suzy Kassem 


To be a photographer means to have a relationship with light.  Light underscores what we feel to be true.  Shadows hide the unimportant rest, the interplay of the two framing the stories we wish to tell.  These photographic stories are reflections of who we are, of what we think is valuable, of how we see and interact with the world. Photographs can be manifestations of our dreams, our fears, our hopes, our desires.  Every experience we have ever had comes through in the way we approach photography.  And so, making a photo then, becomes an act of love.  It is a way of honoring our vision as artists, of celebrating beauty, of preserving a moment, and, ultimately, of capturing light.    

Natural light is a photographer's elusive lover.  It is ever-changing, fickle, teasing us with its golden-hour promises.  Sometimes its touch is like a caress, soft, subtle, the lightest brush upon the skin of things.  The warmth slowly sinks in.  Other times it's more bold, startling us with something like a big, firm smack on the lips, which completely sweeps us off our feet.  And still, at other times, it can be distant or flat.  Dense clouds roll in, skies become a pale, lifeless shade of grey, leaving us yearning for what used to be—those long summer evenings as the sun was just about to sink behind the trees, or those mornings on the coast, with the sunrise creeping up over the estuaries.

Skilled photographers know how to work with light, even under difficult or challenging circumstances.  Using a variety of Polaroid cameras and films, Australian photographer Rachael Baez has recorded the sublime dialogue that exists between natural light and Polaroid films.  Rachael has captured her subjects in such a way that the light which graces them seems to be a celebration of life itself, intensified by the color shifts and painterly qualities of Polaroid photography.  She invites us to the table to feast on this light, to consume its delicious moods, to savor its many nuances.

Let's have a taste... 



Rachael says, "As a photographer living in Australia, a country flooded with an abundance of sunshine, my propensity is towards natural light. I’m an observer of angles of light, how it creates shapes and mood, both in landscapes and portraits.  As a chaser of light, my shoots are often spontaneous, and nothing makes my heart beat faster than the alchemy of beautifully-aged Polaroid film and a dreamy, illuminated afternoon."


Rachael Baez is a self-taught, instant photographer from Australia. She was a member of the inaugural 12.12 Project from 2013 - 2014.  In 2015, she was invited to be the Artist In Residence at Parkes Library as part of their Curiosity and Wonder Festival, where she gave several workshops to school children, as well as an artist's talk and an exhibition.

Her work has been exhibited internationally, in Paris and Berlin as part of the 12.12 Project, and in Singapore for the Film Never Die Polaroid Resurrection. She has also shown her work both locally and interstate in joint instant photography exhibitions, 'zine fairs, and festivals.

Rachael's photography has been published in print in Elston Gunn magazine and the Photodarium yearly calendar and has been featured on several websites, including Polaroid Originals/the Impossible Project, Polaroid of the Day, Snap it See It, and Mama Mia. Rachael also has two self-published 'zines entitled Polaroid Girls and Instant Dreams.

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