PRYME Magazine Issue 5 Preview!

We are premiering Issue #5 PRYME Magazine: "The Impossible Issue," which will be released next week on 09/07/15. You can pre-order your copy right now at a special price in our shop

In this issue we feature the artists who use and love the films of The Impossible Project, the contemporary instant film innovator. We interviewed creative and commercial photographer Chloe Aftel; creative Jack-of-all-trades Dan Rubin; Impossible CEO Oskar Smolokowski; and Italian artistic phenomenon Francesco Romoli... and we present eight other inspiring artists' Impossible film work. 

The Impossible Project has come a long way since securing the old Polaroid factory in the Netherlands. The company has succeeded in preserving Polaroid-like instant films and rejuvenating the instant film art industry. The evidence is here in Issue #5!

In the last year we sold close to 450 issues and have had an amazing amount of support from the Polaroid community. We couldn't be happier with how we are progressing as a magazine. PRYME is now carried in a variety of photographic specialty shops in various countries, and we continue to promote instant film around the globe! (We ship around the world.)

In sum, Issue #5 offers twelve international instant film artists, with more than 100 Impossible film images, in over 92 pages. We wanted to share our excitement with you by previewing the WHOLE MAGAZINE right now... for just a couple of days! This opportunity will last until 12 PM on Monday, September 7th, CA, Pacific time. Please enjoy, order, and share! 

PRYME Issue 3: Portraiture Preview!

We are premiering our Third issue of PRYME Magazine next week on 03/01/14 and are now taking pre-orders at a special price! We have had an amazing amount of support from the Polaroid community and we couldn't be happier. In total, our third issue has 14 artists from around the world with 100+ Polaroids over 108 pages. We wanted to share with you our excitement of our third release by allowing you to read the WHOLE THING! This will last until 12pm on March 2nd! Please enjoy and share! (We ship around the world)

In this issue: Emily Soto speaks about her work with Polaroid film and cameras in the NY fashion world; Luigi Vigliotti shares his emulsion lift philosophy of art, from his series "Graffiti." Philippe Bourgoin comments on his four-part, continent-hopping creative career, from cinema and pop music to Impossible Project film art; Mikael Kennedy discusses his wanderlust, his love of 'zines, and his creative process.

Issue 3 is Pryme's largest magazine so far.  Enjoy!