Photographer: Kat White's Polaroid Printed Scarves

Australian Kat White, a Sydney based Designer,  has an almost full time obsession with Polaroid photography. After acquiring her first Polaroid in 2006, she quickly fell in love with the magic of instant film. She draws inspiration through her travels - from minimalist landscapes, architecture and geometry. Her latest creative project is turning her photography into fashion and home wares - and has released a range of cushions, tote bags and photographic prints, as well as her latest creative project: silk scarves featuring her Polaroid photography. She has been making these beautiful scarves since 2012, and we can see why she has continued to pursue this passion. She is a truly talented designer and fantastic photographer. We asked her a few questions about how she started and what her plans were for 2015. You can see Kat's work in Issue 2: Urban / Rural. Connect with her on Flickr and Facebook. Most importantly, go visit Kat's website and support her through buying a scarves for friends and family this holiday season.

How did you come to the idea to start using your Polaroids in other ways, was clothing your first idea?
I was always trying to think of ways to use my Polaroids, and after producing several large scale reproductions in exhibitions, and printing to cushions and tote bags, I knew they looked great enlarged. I'd been a big fan of We Are Handsome, a Sydney based fashion label for many years, and loved how they used photos as the basis for their prints. At the time, there weren't many labels using photos as a print. After a bit of researching I realized that no one was doing it on scarves. I studied textiles at high school and design at university, so have always had an interest in the fashion world. Polaroids have such a strong aesthetic, and I knew that the texture and detail would look amazing so it seemed like a logical step.

The design used on this large silk scarf is a scan of an original Polaroid Time Zero film photo, shot in Tokyo in 2010. Made from 100% pure silk with a Rolled hem stitch. Lightweight and breathable, 110x110cm (43x43")

How do you choose the prints that you use? Do you he have "collections"?
The more abstract the better. It's been a combination of color and imagery that has helped narrow down what will get printed, but I did actually run a social media voting system for the final Polaroids. It helped ensured I wasn't being biased by my own favorites.

Do you ever shoot with the intent to show in clothing instead of for conventional viewing?
I never take Polaroids with the intention of turning it into scarves. It's always unpredictable shooting film as we all know, and I like to see what people feel a connection to.

Do you have any lines or collections in store for 2015? Anything brewing in that department?
Yes, there's a new scarf range in the works. I've already started working with a local textiles company, and making a short list of Polaroids for another round of voting. I'd love to make tops too, but that may be a little way off!

Where do you sell them specifically and what has the reception been like?
I have my own online store ( and have also been focusing on doing markets in Sydney to get a little more exposure, with plans to stock the scarves in stores in the new year. I've had an amazingly positive response from customers and fellow Polaroiders, which has been unexpected and overwhelming.