Photographer: Jennifer Rumbach's Series A Day Full of Wonders

Jennifer Rumbach is a professional photographer based in Cologne, Germany. She works in various fields in the photography industry: when she is not shooting commercially, she documents the monument preservation for the Cathedral of Cologne and organizes shows of individual pieces and full-scale exhibitions. Rumbach's views Polaroid film as her liberator; she has been addicted to instant film for over a decade because to her, "there are no rules with this medium." She feels freed from the conventions of contemporary photographic standards, allowing her to be centered only on her motives and photographic intuitions. Rumbach has used a variety of instant cameras, from medium format with Polaroid back to an SX-70 or SLR-680.

She started her education as a photographer in 2001 and quickly recognized that photography was a great way of learning, meditatively, to keep her eyes open and find calm. She became more aware and attentive to the objects and events surrounding her. Rumbach discovered the joy of instant film in 2002 and immediately fell in love. To her Polaroid film, with its playful experimental nature, is an adventure that awakens the inner child. Rumbach comments on her instant film images: " the end one realizes how much they manage to express, what one hoped or dreamed for." Her current work focuses on people - showing their wishes, thoughts, moods, and humor. She uses instant film, for example, to create colorful, lively scenes in her series "A Day Full of Wonders."

"A Day Full of Wonders" was created in March, 2010, near Cologne. Rumbach shot with her brother, his dog, and a friend, all out walking. It was one of the first beautiful days of the year, and through their journey and Rumbach's documentation, they will live in the spring seemingly forever.

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