News: Closing Our Doors and Goodbye


UPDATE: 02/16/16 - PRYME Magazine will be reincarnated as PRYME Editions effective August 1st, 2016. More details to follow.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce, after five issues, the conclusion of PRYME Magazine, the international 'zine of instant film art. 

What started as an idea in May of 2014 came to fruition that September with our first issue, "Instant Revolution." Since then we have put out four additional issues featuring, for your viewing pleasure, a rich variety of instant film artists from around the world. The 'zine grew quickly for the last year and a half, with significant support from photography retailers and instant film shooters.

Unfortunately the time has come to close our doors. It is not because we don’t love the 'zine and what it stands for: a DIY publication featuring fellow artists. We are closing due to a combination of current business reasons, including recent low sales and the diminishing customer service we were receiving from the only printer who would print at the small scale we needed. There are other personal reasons involved, so this decision was not purely a financial one. 

PRYME would not have been the same if we hadn’t found Bill Moore along the way, an enthusiastic guy who loves instant film art and who offered his editing and writing skills to the start-up 'zine for four issues during the last year. After Moore came Cheyenne Morrison, whose passion for instant film inspired him to in-depth research and writing for the last two issues. 

In what turned out to be our winding down period, we discovered Keaton Johanson, who wrote with great flair for our blog and for the Impossible Film Issue. All three of these gentlemen made PRYME wonderful. I am proud to call these men my friends after working with them on our instant film project. 

On this note, then, no future issues of PRYME will be published or printed. We are proud to have offered our experiment in publishing, and individually or collectively we may pursue other related projects in the future. 

So what can instant film enthusiasts do without PRYME? Try a couple of things! First, go visit and bookmark the website. Second, check out The Impossible Project’s new online magazine at You can also visit Blur Magazine's Instantion column curated by our friend Michael Kirchoff here:

How long will PRYME's website stay up? We don’t plan on taking down the website just yet. We will leave it up for the foreseeable future, so please visit and enjoy the multitude of instant film art images, the interviews, the articles, and the artist biographies.

We want to thank all the instant film artists who submitted their work to our 'zine and blog over the last year. We are very pleased to have worked with and highlighted many of the finest instant film photographers in the world. Special shout outs to: Bastian Kalous, Penny Felts, Amanda Mason, and Toby Hancock

We also want to give special thanks to Melbourne, Australia's FilmNeverDie, the first retailer to believe in us and to pick up our 'zine! Shout-outs as well to these fine retailers who carried PRYME: En Face, Paris, and Sofortbild-Shop, Berlin. 

Still need to pick up a copy of PRYME?
We will have all five issues available on our magcloud page in print and in digital formats until 12/31/15. 

What’s next for the team members?

Michael Behlen: Keep in contact and view his instant work at He will start curating film photography for The Film Shooter’s Collective blog in the coming weeks. If you are interested in collaborating with him in any way you can reach him at

Bill Moore: See his instant film work on Flickr at  He is taking some time off - but he plans to return with an emphasis on 8x10 images. He offers freelance editing and writing support; message him with inquiries on Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Cheyenne Morrison: See his instant film work on Flickr at He is currently taking business courses and planning the start of Cheyenne Morrison Photography. He has just returned from 3 glorious weeks in Paris and is working on a series of Polaroid Transfers from the images he shot there. He will also be exhibiting a print from the series in 'Get Kickin' Exhibition at Kick Arts Gallery in Cairns, Australia.

Keaton Johanson:   Keaton is interning at K Publishing, helping to compile a specialty online dictionary. You can find his work among the entries at You can also expect photos, short stories, and poems on Tumblr.