Fall Polaroid Week started this year on Sunday October 15th and lasted until Friday October 20th. In what is the 11th anniversary of this celebration of instant film on Flickr, 651 group members submitted a total of 1,900+ instant photographs (at the time of this post)! We watched the action unfold and have chosen 21 of our absolute favorites! There are still thousands of amazing instant photographs to go see on the Flickr Group Pool! Please go check it out!

A Short description from Roid Week’s Group Pool:

“We started POLAROID WEEK in 2006 to celebrate instant film. We also started it as a project – to see what new and interesting things we could do with instant film; and to challenge ourselves to produce some really great work.”

"On Topography, Underneath" by Rachael Yates


Michael Behlen is a photography enthusiast from Fresno, CA. He works in finance and spends his free time shooting instant film and seeing live music, usually a combination of the two. He is the founder of PRYME Editions. Connect with Michael Behlen on his Website and on Instagram!

Community News: The 12.12 Project's Monthly Photo Contest

"Nostalgia" by Claudio Gombolii, winner for May 2017.

"Nostalgia" by Claudio Gombolii, winner for May 2017.

The 12.12 Project is a photography collective that is the brainchild of photographer Penny Felts. It was created in 2013 as a way for Penny to challenge herself and grow as a photographer, but also as a way to court inspiration. We are all aware that the Muse can be fickle at times. And so Penny’s idea was to invite eleven other photographers to participate, each person choosing a theme, and to create photos that involved those specific themes: Twelve photographers, twelve themes, twelve ways of seeing. Penny was hoping others would like the idea and that the synergy of being a part of a group would continue to generate inspiration for her and for others as well. The idea was a huge success. Since 2014, there has been 12.12 Project for women and for men, each group chooses its own themes. 

This year, the 12.12 Project decided to do something a little bit different, to bring the photographic community into the game, creating a monthly contest that is open to anyone who shoots instant film. The public is invited to create photos using the same themes that the women’s and men’s collectives explored that month. So what is the incentive to play? The winning photo from each month will be featured in the book that the Project puts together at the end of the season, along with photos from 12.12 Project members. The winners will also receive a printed copy of the book. Who among us doesn’t want to see our work in print? 

And so we, here at PRYME Editions would like to help promote and support the 12.12 Project and its monthly contest. We invite YOU, our readers,our friends, lovers of all forms of instant photography, to submit your photos for the October contest on the group’s Facebook Page. The two possible themes to explore this month in your work are “Ephemeral” and “If this were the last photo I ever took.” As long as instant film is used, any photograph representing your version of one of these ideas is fair game. If you want to take things a step further, you are also invited to use some kind of creative technique on the photo you make, such as an emulsion lift, using transparencies, multiple exposures, abusing or manipulating the film in any way you choose. 

The monthly photo contest will continue through March of 2018. You can refer to the Facebook page for regular updates and information.

You can connect with the 12.12 Lady’s Project on Instagram, with the 12.12 Men’s Project on Instagram, and with founder Penny Felts, also on Instagram. You can connect with previous winners feature here in this article: Lela Gruen, Claudio Gomboli, Randy Jennings, Sofia Bucci, Cory Wilson, Benjamin Joseph Rains


Anne Silver is an instant photography aficionado who lives in Paris, France and is a member of the 12:12 Project. Connect with Anne Silver on her Website and on Instagram!