Event: Cristina Altieri's Series “L’ombra della luce” @ Find Me - Home Gallery

     In her photographic approach Cristina tries to deal with the theme of duality, of the strife between Light and Darkness, access points and vanishing points, which is a kind of perspective that well synthesize her personal vision in life. In her photos the bodies, enshrouded by lights and shadows, hide the glances, the faces, because they represent the most intimate and real part of us. Bodies became a sort of shell of a more spiritual side of us, that needs to be seen through to find the essence beyond the appearance. Her point of view starts from a more intimate approach. She tries to create a connection between her inner world and those of the people she portrays, so that they can recognize themselves through her eyes and - at the same time - she can satisfy her need of expressing what she feels. She tries to capture the story of an emotion in a particular instant. There is no time, no space. Her photos are just about souls and feelings which became eternal by means of the shot.
       The upcoming exhibition “L’ombra della luce” is a sort of a tale of her perception of life. It’s a kind of invitation to join a metaforic journey into her emotions and in her personal and intimate world. The encounter between Cristina and Find Me Gallery happened thanks to a personal and artistic link between Nilde Mastrosimone de Troyli - visual artist, performer and curator at the gallery. Find me is a home gallery born thanks to the will of Nilde, formerly based in Florence, to create and promote an artistic space in her hometown, Policoro, in order to give an opportunity to different artists to share their works.

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“L’ombra della luce”

Curator Nilde Mastrosimone de Troyli

Find Me – Home Gallery

Via Salerno, 39, Policoro, Matera, Italy

14-21 August

Opening and Vernissage 14 Aug, h.19.30 to 22.30