PRYME Editions Launch Party and Exhibition Recap!

Last Saturday, August 13th, 2016, PRYME Editions officially opened for business. To celebrate we threw an exhibition and launch party featuring works from our three artist's flagship books: Amanda Mason's ApheliaNate Matos's Serif and Silver Compendiumand Rudi Amedeus's Burning Man, 2015We had an excellent time and wanted to share it with all of those who couldn't make it due to travel restrictions! Read what your fellow instant film artists had to say about out first event as PRYME Editions!

"It was so exciting to meet photographers I have known and admired online for a long time, and to talk with them about their process. It's always special to see tangible prints and books you can feel and flip through, too."
-Heather Polley

"Seeing Rudi's portraits from Burning Man and being able to hear stories of his experience really gave a lot of meaning to the photos. He did a great job of capturing the energy of it all."
-Alleha Navarro

"It's been pretty neat to see PRYME grow from a online web magazine into a book-publishing platform, with something like a community revolving around it. The night of the opening felt like a culmination of that growth. It was rad to see the work of Amanda, Nate and Rudi next to each other, under the same banner — all of which are even more impressive in person. The standout part for me, and a topic of conversation for me and some friends later that night, was the packaging of Amanda’s Aphelia — the book, which at first glance seemed like beautiful snippets of a lost diary of the occult, was greatly amplified by its presentation. The deep sense of care, ownership, and collaboration between PRYME and the artist was glowingly obvious. I understand it’s increasingly difficult for artists to have actual spaces in the bay area for these sort of events, so I really appreciate PRYME making the effort to make these things happen. I hope it continues!"
-Paul Hoi

"A magic night of reconnecting with instant friends, whether only admired from afar before, familiar faces, or fresh connections. Wish I could have bought all three books. Prymed for more!"
-Crom Schubarth

Images provided by Crom Schubarth, Nate Matos, and Heather Polley