NSFW Featured Photographer: Anthony Stone's Heartbreak Lovers

Anthony Stone is an Italian freelance writer and photographer based in Pescara, Abruzzo, the east Italian city on the Adriatic Sea. He has a very long history with photography which began in 1994, when his father gave me his first camera, a 35mm Minolta SRT101 at the age of 19. Initially only shooting in black and white, he quickly found what was and still his passionate obsession- the art of photographing the female form. Since this discovery, stone has spend the last 23 years shooting and honing his craft; though his weapon of choice has slowly changed as he has evolved as an artist. In the beginning he taught himself film development in the dark room through the old fashion way - by trail and error. In the "true" analog days of photography, there were no online forums or Facebook groups to guide you. He simply spent days and months experimenting with the machines of the past and he slowly progressed into a competent and experienced analog photographer. 

In the 1980's, Stone discovered the magic of instant film during the "boom" of Polaroid Type 600 film. During this time, almost everyone's home had at least one Polaroid 600 Box Camera, it was a cultural phenomenon. Unfortunately, Polaroid film was just to expensive for a him to pursue. As a photographer, Stone needed to prioritize actually shooting photography, as the cost of Polaroid film was to high for such a small print that did not offer a negative for reproduction. So though he experienced the magic of instant film, he continued to use less costly 35mm film variants for his work. This all changed four years ago in 2014, when he accidentally discovered his old Polaroid 635cl Camera in perfect working condition. He told us, "When I took it and opened it, something happened, a thunderbolt, it was beautiful".

Unlike his old days of working through photographic technology by trail and error, Stone took to the internet at once discovered The Impossible Project. After his first pack of Impossible Project film came to his door, he immediately popped open his film door and inserted the brand new film cartridge. With his heart in his throat, this was the moment he had been waiting for. As soon as he closed his film door, the dark slide ejected and made the triumphant sound of analog victory. Though his first pack of Impossible Project film mainly consisted of failed attempts, over exposures, and bury photos, this was an artist turning point for Stone that has been a pivotal point in his photographic career.  Stone shared that, "I discovered a medium that was capable of capturing unique and unrepeatable photographs in a unique and unpredictable way, it was exactly what I need to evolve my visual poetry".

Since that moment in 2014, Stone has evolved from a portrait photographer who specialized in black and white to one that shoots almost completely in color. This trend reversal from his past photographic history is mainly due to instant film, which has helped him appreciate the unique range of dreamlike colors that only it can produce. He has grown from a man who sees the world in shades of gray, to one that thinks in color tones and reflections of light. This transition has enabled Stone to produce work that transcends your typical portrait photographer. For Stone, his photography is a portal into an alternate reality where he produces aesthetic, emotional, and erotic atmospheres through the female form. To Stone, his portrait photography is a medium that he uses to transcend the world around him and produce his perfect ideal of beauty. In particular, he looks to explore the eyes, mouth, and hands of his subjects, carefully framing these elements into frame to produce sharp attention grabbing images. 

Stone's photographs show us a romantic world that lays beyond the frame, telling stories of broken hearts, broken dreams, and past lovers. His visual poetry is made up of beautiful erotic scenes that appear lovely on the surface yet sing our shattered souls to sleep as we lay awake remembering the passion of the times we thought we had, but may have never even existed. His images offer the viewer a deliberating hope that is just out out of reach, one that you will never grasp. Let Stone take you on a journey into the moments you wish you could both live forever and immediately forget. 

Stone's work has been widely exhibited and featured worldwide online and in print. He is taking part in three upcoming group exhibitions including the Expression International Exhibition and Competition in Longford, Ireland in August 2017, and the Instant 085 Instant Film Exhibition in Pescara, Italy and the Polaroid of The Day Exhibition at Projekteria Art Gallery in Barcelona Spain, both in September 2017. He has  been featured in print in Hylas Magazine Volume 1: Loss and  in Issue 4 of "Monochrome Magazine and has current active online portfolios on Nakid Magazine, Anormal Mag, and Polaroid of the Day. Since Autumn 2016, Stone has been the creator and curator of the Instant 085 Instant Film Festival, held in Autumn in his hometown of Pescara, Italy.

You can connect with Anthony Stone on Instagram and on his website!


Michael Behlen is a photography enthusiast from Fresno, CA. He works in finance and spends his free time shooting instant film and seeing live music, usually a combination of the two. He is the founder of PRYME Editions. Connect with Michael Behlen on his Website and on Instagram!