Photographer: ALLISON INGE's Series: WITCH/BAIT

Allison Submitted her polaroids via email last week. Her series WITCH/BAIT was shot using a Mamiya RB67 and Fuji FP-100c film. There is some unspoken sex appeal about the images in the series that is hard to place. They are manipulated, dark, and mysterious. We felt she deserved to be highlighted. Check out the rest of her photos by connecting with her on Tumblr and Flickr.

"Allison Inge is a charmingly cerebral narcissist from Kansas, living out a lifetime of self masturbatory trash. Instant gratification meets voyeurism in an ongoing series of self, using only in camera techniques to catch moments as she imagines them, a permanent and unchanged documentation, truly and instant, not to be edited and polished.

WITCH/BAIT is an adventure into the fog of the mind.  Bleary moments between sleep and sunshine, between the textures of skin and hair, the tenuous feelings of colors attached to emotion: blues, yellows, reds, sad, happy, mad, achieved with a single body and manipulated instant film."