Photographer: Toby Hancock's Rural and Scenic Polaroids

Toby Hancock has lived the Urban/Rural divide throughout his life, and also in his current experience. Originally a country-dweller who grew up in a small English village at the edge of London, he moved in 1981 to Los Angeles; in LA he lives in a peaceful, verdant canyon in the middle of the city, less than a mile from Hollywood Boulevard.

Hancock's photographic roots run deep: by age nineteen the young shooter had found a Nikon F2 and a dark room to develop his 35mm film, so he began to take his photography seriously. After moving to LA to work in the entertainment industry, Hancock discovered Polaroid cameras and film; he has been using them ever since. He travels almost everywhere with his cameras--a Polaroid SX-70 or 680 or Spectra... or a Land camera. As Hancock puts it, "I’m just a guy who generally has a camera or two with him wherever he goes."

See his work on flickrinstagram, and read his interview in our Winter Issue: Urban / Rural

"Little Abandoned House On The Prairie"

"Tioga Lodge"

"Grand Canyon"

"Sierra Fenceposts"


"Conway Summit"

"Hidden Valley"

"Bodie Pickup"

"Highway 14 Bush"

"Poppy Reserve"

"Reyes Winery"

"ABQ Trib"

"Joshua Tree Sun"

"Mono Lake Dawn"