Q&A: Armen Dolukhanyan's Ukraine Street Photography

Armen Dolukhayan is an Ukrainian street photographer who specializes in instant film. He shoots using his homemade pinhole camera and a polaroid back. His images vary from surreal double exposures to deep shadowed black and whites. We asked Armen a couple of questions to learn more about shooting film while living in the Ukraine. (slight language barrier, interview not edited)

A lot of people around the world are curious about what it's like living in the Ukraine with the current circumstances. How does this effect your photography? Does it at all?  
Now in Ukraine there is an undeclared war with Russia. There are a lot of people, deceived Russian false propaganda. I am a patriot of Ukraine. I am very worried about what is happening.

What is the polaroid scene like where you are?
I love street photography. And I love Polaroid and pinhole photography. And I try to combine it all into one.

Where are most of these images taken at? (Location)
Most of these pictures are taken in the Kharkov city, and in the village Tsirkuny. This is probably the most wonderful destination in the photos!

When and how did you get interested in instant film?
I have several years of love and passionate about instant film. 

What do you think your images say to their viewers? What kind of story are you trying to tell?
My photos I want to tell the viewers my vision of the world, its beauty and singularity.

The interview ends with: "Michael , I'm sorry for my bad english. I send you my new photo with the mood of the war. Kind regards, Armen Dolukhanyan."