Photographer Elizerman's Instant Black and White Portraits (NSFW)

Elizerman is a French autodidact instant film artist. Never having enrolled in school for art or photography, she follows her artistic instincts in her work and in her life. Photography is her language for expressing herself, which she does stunningly, with Black & White Polaroid portraits... or with landscapes. For the last two years she has worked in the studio with a 4x5 camera and various expired Polaroid films.

Although Elizerman does family portrait work using other film mediums, the immediacy, the adrenaline rush of peeling apart Polaroid film - never knowing exactly how the chemistry will create pleasing accidents - is unbeatable for her. She favors Polaroid Chocolate or Type 55 films when she can find them. Elizerman's joys, sorrows, failures, and successes are directly reflected in her work, which shows distinctive clarity and passionate emotion.

Catch her at the Rennes Expolaroid Exhibition, “Ni Dieu Ni Maître” in April 2015. See more of her work at