Composites - JANUARY 2018

We are excited to announce that our 5th online group exhibition, Composites, will be curated by Thomas Zamolo! We are currently seeking instant film submissions in response to the following prompt.

Thomas Zamolo writes: A composite is essentially a final artwork that is made up of multiple photographs. Dismantled and then sewn up again, the world you had in front of your lens starts to imagine a whole new reality out of small details. Playing with the tension between the possible and impossible, creating new narratives and perspectives, I am curious with this open call to discover how your fantasy can dream big not only with the content of the work but also with the amount of instant film frames you will use.

The deadline for submissions is December 25th, 2017.

All images must be instant film-based or created with instant film. Composites must have a minium of 4 frames.
Submit up to 2 images at 1500px at 72dpi. 
File Naming
lastname_firstname_01.jpg, lastname_firstname_02.jpg, and so on.
Additional Information
Artist Name, Artist Website Address and Image Titles Required
Send your images and information to no later than 11:59pm on December, 25th 2017!


Born in France, Thomas Zamolo is an eclectic artist whose practice is rooted at the intersection of photography, dance and lighting design. His artistic journey started twenty years ago, accumulating experiences in the world of performing art as a dancer, choreographer, rehearsal director and theatrical lighting designer and art installation.

As a photographer, Thomas has discovered his own voice through the medium of instant photography. Self-taught and fascinated by the uniqueness of Polaroid and the inherently unknown in this type of photographic paper, Thomas’s work is often associated to the "Moving/Still" approach and explores a wide range of topics from surreal landscape to psychosocial staged scenes. Since 2002 his work has been curated in galleries in Sweden and France as well as published internationally in various books and magazines. He currently resides in Stockholm. 

Connect with Thomas Zamolo on his website!