nsfw: pOLA-nUDES - DECEMBER 2017

First I want to thank all the creative people who made this NSFW online exhibition possible. It was not an easy job to select the (in my opinion) best photos. Shooting a good nude portrait is always a challenge. The photograph should transport emotions, reflect the trust of the model to the photographer, and tell us a little story. It is far more than the technical site of photography. Unfortunately, you will find a lot of technically good photographs online that simply lack the emotional side of the stories being told. I am proud to say you won't find these soulless images in this exhibition.

I was very happy when Michael sent me the submissions to review for this exhibition. I enjoyed spending time with the photographs, exploring both new photographers and some with well known names. All of the selected photographs combine the essence of good nude photography with the challenge of shooting instant film.

So, enough words, this should be an exhibition and not a book, enjoy the photos, find some inspiration, have fun, and go shoot polaroids!

-Herr Merzi


Herr Merzi is an analog photographer from Frankfurt Germany. Merzi tries to create atmospheres with his photos, sometimes exotic and fantasy-like, sometimes familiar scenes of everyday life. He captures and evokes emotion, telling little stories with each click of the shutter. There is a mood of intimacy in his photos, where the nudity of the models is natural, and is secondary, really, to the rest of the story being told by the photos. Merzi postulates that when the models he photographs are nude, their true selves emerge. There is no clothing, no costume, no artifice to hide behind.  The look in their eyes is genuine, their expressions a bit stronger, and this authenticity is one of the things that compels him to shoot fine art nudes.  

Merzi's work has been widely exhibited and recognized. His photos have been exhibited as part of Expolaroid in Nantes and Rennes, France; at the Blackbox Gallery in Portland, Oregon; and at ART Undressed in Miami, Florida. His photos have been featured in print magazines, including Klassik Magazine and Mein Heimlich Auge #31 Erotic Yearbook. Merzi's photos have also been featured on online platforms, including the Paul Giambarbra website, the Impossible Project, and the Polaroid of the Day.

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