Issue 3: Portraiture

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issue3cover copysm.jpg
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Issue 3: Portraiture


PRYME Magazine is an international quarterly publication that features Instant Film Art. Issue 3 - "Portraiture" from around the world - showcases the instant images of ten extraordinary photographers, with biographical notes, and highlights in-depth interviews with four ground-breaking photographers, plus photos.

In this issue: Emily Soto speaks about her work with Polaroid film and cameras in the NY fashion world; Luigi Vigliotti shares his emulsion lift philosophy of art, from his series "Graffiti." Philippe Bourgoin comments on his four-part, continent-hopping creative career, from cinema and pop music to Impossible Project film art; Mikael Kennedy discusses his wanderlust, his love of 'zines, and his creative process.

-8" x 8"
-106 pages
-100+ Polaroids
-Perfect Bound

Cover Image by Philippe Bourgoin
Back Cover: Mikael Kennedy

Carmen De Vos
Peter McCabe (Ireland)
Emily Soto (US)
Marisa Redburn
Marian Rainer-Harbach (Austria)
Luigi Vigliotti (Italy)
Daniel Klaas (Australia)
Oliver Blohm (Germany)
Philippe Bourgoin (France)
Penny Felts (US)
Troy Bradford (US)
Mikael Kennedy (US)
Anne Locquen (France)
Amanda Mason (Australia)

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