Issue 1: Instant Revolution

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Issue 1: Instant Revolution


PRYME Magazine is a quarterly publication focused on instant film. Our first issue includes 16 artists from around the world. We ship around the world.

-8" x 8"
-92 pages
-100+ Polaroids
-Perfect Bound

Cover Image by Bastian Kalous

Susanne Klostermann (Germany)
Marco Spaggiari (Italy)
Lisa Toboz (US)
Joann Edmonds (US)
William Miller (US)
Ina Echtemach (Germany)
Laura Su Bischoff (Germany)
Thomas Zamolo (Sweden)
Alexandra Smith (US)
Paul Greevs (UK)
Flo Ouen (France)
Chrystal Nause (US)
Bastian Kalous (Germany)
Nicole Gelinas (US)
Lucrezia Senserini (Italy)
Paul Bauman (US)

*Available In Store at Film Never Die in Melbourne Alaska*

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