Issue 2: Urban / Rural

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Issue 2: Urban / Rural


PRYME Magazine is a quarterly publication focused on instant film.
For Issue 2 we had the opportunity to interview four great photographers and feature 9 others. We asked Polaroid SF about shooting an instant photo everyday for the last 3 years. Michael Kirchhoff discusses his series An Enduring Grace and the difficulties of shooting in the former USSR states. Nate Matos tells us about the best cheeseburger ever in rural Oregon and how it evolved into his series High Desert. Lastly, Toby Hancock takes us to Los Angeles in the dark, and its absolutely beautiful.

-8" x 8"
-84 pages
-75+ Polaroids
-Perfect Bound

Cover Image by Toby Hancock
Back Cover: Nate Matos

Eva Flaskas (Australia)
Kat White (Australia)
Nate Matos (US)
Cromwell Schubarth (US)
Matt Smith (UK)
Maureen Bond (US)
Michael Kirchoff (US)
Kerry Bellinger (US)
Polaroid SF (US)
Maija Karisma  (Finland)
Mikael Bidard (Canada)
Toby Hancock (US)
Jordan Kendall (Alaska, Ca)

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