Last Vestiges -The Exhumed Project by Graeme Webb - Limited to 5 Copies

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Last Vestiges -The Exhumed Project by Graeme Webb - Limited to 5 Copies


1. a mark, a trace, , or visible evidence of something that is no longer present or in existence
2. a very slight trace or amount of something: the last vestige of hope
3. a degenerate or imperfectly developed biological structure that performed a useful function at an earlier stage in the development of the individual or evolution of the species.
[1535-45; < Middle French , Latin vestigium footprint]

By the time you come to view the images in the book many will have deteriorated completely.

It was by complete accident that Graeme Webb came across this photographic technique in 2016. Webb threw a disappointing Impossible Project exposure into the dustbin in his garden. What he didn't realize was that his aim was so poor that it had slipped down the side and into the little area that traps dust fallen leaves and other bits of garden debris. Six months later he was clearing the garden and he came across this forgetting instant print, covered in dirt with several species of invertebrates scuttling around on it. The image was fading (but not completely) and the colors on the emulsion layer were subtly changing. The layer had a fine reticulation: odd blisters, mold, scars, and the plastic frame was falling away.

Webb carefully cleaned the frame and when it was dry, scanned it. At a very resolution scan, sections of the image showed fantastical new worlds of crumpled silk, Turneresque skys and metallic landscapes. Here and there parts parts of the original image still survived and looked out at him like a ghostly figure from some arcane and forgotten world. it was in this moment that he decided to pursue a project that would utilize this serendipitous technique and start experimenting with different dyes, inks, and additives to try and influence the outcome. Some of his experiments worked, most didn't. Webb discovered that high temperatures quickened the process but gave a totally different feeling to the slow freezing conditions. All in all his technique gave control over to nature to do with his images what she pleased.

In the pages that follow you will find the results from this first project. We hope that you savor these transformed Polaroids and discover some of the miniature universes that Webb discovered himself along this journey.

Size: A4
Cover: 250 GSM Natural Card Stock created with Handmade Marbled Paper: Made in the traditional way using Color Plan 'Harvest' 135gsm paper with Winsor Newton Designers Gouache
Inside Cover: 112gsm Translucent Inner Sheet
Pages: 30 pages printed on 100gsm Atlantis Acid Free Watercolor Paper
Book Plate: Vellum Laid 100gsm Creame Paper
Binding: Hand Bound and Sewn with Waxed Cotton.
Packaging: Packed in a A4 Black Card Box with Hand Made Marbled Paper Inlay.
Edition: Limited to 5 Special Signed and Numbered Editions for PRYME Editions

This Edition Includes:
-Introductory Sheet, 
-Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print from the Book Printed on A4 Permajet Pearl Metallic Paper
-Post Card from the Book
-Certificate of Authenticity 

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