Issue 4: Combining Instant Images: Diptychs, Triptychs, and Collage

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Issue 4: Combining Instant Images: Diptychs, Triptychs, and Collage


Pryme Magazine, Issue #4: "Combining Instant Images: Diptychs, Triptychs, and Collage" is ready and raring to go, guaranteed to tantalize and satisfy viewers' visual-aesthetic senses! We are proud to present twelve instant film artists from around the globe - from Europe and Great Britain to the USA and Thailand - each exploring various methods for using the medium we love in individual, creative ways.

Featured are four Q&A interviews: Patrick Winfield (USA) explains his ways of working, his travels, how his technique has changed, and his desire for fun in the creative process; Maurizio Galimberti (Italy) tells about his career, his accomplishments, his methods, and his celebrity portraits; Marco Spaggiari (Italy) illuminates his artistic theories and practices, including "the moment of knowability;" and Claude Peschel Dutombe (Thailand) shares his longing for distant places, his escape from East Berlin, and his ways of making art.

We hope you enjoy this world-wide glimpse of the inspiring art and ideas of a variety of inventive instant film practitioners.

-8" x 8"
-96 pages
-200+ Polaroids
-Perfect Bound

Cover Image by Marco Spaggiari
Back Cover: Patrick Winfield

Melissa Bernazzani (US)
Lukas Brinkmann (Austria)
Patrick Winfield (US)
Diane Fenster (US)
Alice Adrenochrome (Belgium)
Maurizio Galimberti (Italy)
Ina Echternach (Germany)
Ben Innocent (US)
Marco Spaggiari (Italy)
Alex Bouchon (France)
Tom Hofmann (Austria)
Claude Peschel Dutombe (Thailand)

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