The PRYME Editions 2017 Annual Journal

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Cover Featuring Matt Smith.jpg
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The PRYME Editions 2017 Annual Journal


PRYME Editions has launched our debut Annual Photography Journal dedicated to instant film! This project is being launched on the belief that photographs, especially instant ones, should be seen in print as well as on screen. We are proud to present a 175+ page journal featuring seventeen instant film photographers from around the globe - from Europe and Great Britain to the USA and Germany- each exploring various methods for using the medium we love in individual, creative ways.

Featured are four in depth interviews: Brian Henry will take us on a tour of his dangerous urban exploration adventures of desolate abandoned buildings and hospitals in the East Coast of the U.S., as well as Europe and the Balkans. Matthew O'Brien's series No Dar Papaya will change your perception of Columbia from a country often portrayed as violent and lawless to a fascinating, beautiful country, with tremendous geographic and cultural diversity. Polly Chandler explores her experiences, emotions, and quest for purpose via through her series “You Build It Up, You Break It Down”, a series of images inspired by the lyrics of singer-song writer Tom Waits. Lastly, we will talk with Carmen De Vos, a purveyor of exquisite photographic peculiarities, and founder and editor-in-chief of the late TicKL-Magazine, about her decades long career as a photographer, columnist, and art lover. 

In sum, The PRYME Editions 2017 Annual Journal offers seventeen international instant film artists, with more than 200 instant film images over 175+ pages. This publication will embark readers on a photographic journey around the world and show them a vast landscape of mountains and oceans across multiple countries, the desolation of abandon cities and towns, the intimate spaces of private photographic studios, the adventures of the Southern California music scene, and the wild and other worldly interpretations of the instant photographs we have come to know and love.

Journal Specifications:

-8" x 8"
-170+ pages
-200+ Polaroids
-176gsm Paper
-Laminated Soft Cover
-Perfect Bound

Cover Image by Matt Smith

Matt Smith (UK)
Brian Henry (US)
Daniel Stein (US)
Walter Sans (Netherlands)
Herr Merzi (Germany)
Bastian Kalous (Germany)
Toby Hancock (US)
Ina Echternach (Germany)
Michael Kirchoff (US)
Thomas Zamolo (Sweden) 
Megan Thompson (US)
Clay Lipsky (US)
Matthew O'Brien (US)
Carmen De Vos (Belgium)
Polly Chandler (US)
Dan Isaac Wallin (Sweden)
Francesco Sambati (Italy)

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